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RaShida Roberts is an author, speaker, educator, and Financial Coach. She has the heart of a teacher, always educating to better the lives of others.


She is committed to empowering educators to transform their mindset and build financial confidence. Though educators are underpaid and many places, she believes that, "making money is not your problem—it’s managing your money.”


Knowing first hand how much stress plays a major role in finances, she coaches on mindset, setting boundaries, and money management strategies!


Experience has been the best teacher as she knows exactly how it feels to be stressed with debt and living paycheck-to-paycheck. In, 2019 she established her year of "NO"! By setting boundaries for herself, budgeting, goal setting, and making some major changes in her life she began her financial journey. 

In her first year, she was able to crush $15,000 worth of debt without getting a new job. She also started GinsCookies as a financial and mindset move. And she began reading and joining financial literacy groups to learn more about this money thang! It's amazing how much we educators don't know! And with that spark, she wanted to help others get the confidence they need.


As a Certified Master Financial Coach RaShida can help you simplify the process and guide you through your own individualized personal financial journey to a place of financial confidence.  Crushing debt and living financially free is the ultimate goal for my tribe!

Don't just look good,

be good.

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