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Change. Accountability. Proactiveness. Easier said than done, but these were the steps it took me to stop operating a life full of stress and money management issues. 

Until I took control of my thoughts and made a pact to change my life, held myself accountable for the actions and inactions in my relationships, made freedom lifestyle choices, and stopped letting life just happen to me did life change? 


Get out of debt. Check.

Stop feeling stressed. Check.

Make positive changes. Check.


What kind of changes do you want to make in your life? 


Escape from debt? 

Create a life worth living?

Break Stressful Habits? 


It's possible for YOU like it is possible for me. 


Here's your blueprint to living life on different terms. Find Your Spark, so you can change your world.

Start Your





"A great read with practical financial knowledge, transparency and testimonial authenticity to help future generations become successful, educated, and prepared to lead in the future!"

Rev. Beverly Roberts

Minister and Author

of Everyday with the Gospel of John: A 365-day Devotional


"My favorite chapter in RaShida's book is "Straighten Your Crown and Take Control" because she pushes the reader to understand that their role to financial freedom starts and ends with the steps THEY need to take to get there.

I love how she breaks down the what, when, where, why, how, and how much time, money, and effort, leaving ZERO room for excuses!

I encourage ANYONE needing a financial reset or refresh to grab a copy of Find Your Spark."

Tammie T. Polk

Goal and Dream Fulfillment Coach

Author of over 80 books at Professional Sassy


“Find Your Spark” is a must read but only if you’re ready to make a change! Closed mouths don’t get fed, neither do they break generational curses. A line in the book that stands out is “It costs you money to be ignorant and even more money to stay there.!” Go get your copy if you want to go up today!

Lady G

Financial Professional and

Dynamic Entrepreneur


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Debt Elimination Course 

Life happens, and success comes with disappointments and missteps. This book is about you committing a transformation, taking back your power, and being intentional about your mind, money, and future. Financial confidence awaits you if you permit yourself to experience life on better terms and move forward with healthier lifestyle decisions. 


RaShida has given you the blueprint to happiness when it comes to living your life. Find Your Spark includes a step-by-step guide to ditch stress and debt. The principles in this book helped the author to overcome stress and the financial mistakes she made to move towards maximizing every dollar! Learn how to: 

-Break Stressful Habits

-Stop Worrying About Money

-Master Your Finances

-Escape From Debt

-Create a Life Worth Living


RaShida believes, "The world will teach you how to get into debt. Your family and friends will encourage your debt. And the creditors will profit from your debt until you have the courage to say no.”


It's time to step up, step out, and use the voices God gave us. Time to take control and unsubscribe to what the world says we need, what we should do, and what we can have. 


Credit scores will not rule you.

Debt will not steal your joy.

Your past mistakes will not rob you of a fruitful future. 

And stress will not get the best of you! 


We are DONE playing victim. 


And with a little help, "we are straightening our crowns." 

The time is now


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